RevHelp is setup as an electronic documentation manual. It includes Folders and Pages. Folders are used as a way to organize pages; which provide more detailed information. Notice the left column of this screen has the RevHelp folder and page (which you are currently viewing, Example). This is also the Home Page and can be accessed by clicking on the home icon that is located in the middle header section of the screen.

There are numerous places throughout RevHelp we have included screen images and additional helpful information. These are available by clicking on the word "Example" or the word or phrase which is always in bold-green. Click on the word "example" or word or phrase again and the screen image or helpful information collapses back to its original setting. Also, there are numerous places we have linked instructions from one page to another page within RevHelp or included a link to a .pdf or .docx. These links are indicated by a blue-underlined word or phrase.

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